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what is loyalty bank

eDheba SuperApp has loyalty bank built into the system whereby you can now earn points for literally everything you do. For installing the app you earn points. For getting your identity verified you earn points. For referring a friend or family you earn points. For every spending whether in eDheba or in various partnering shops online or offline, you earn points.


How to earn points

There are hundreds of ways you can earn points with everything you do with eDheba SuperApp. Here are a few of them.


As soon as eDheba SuperApp is downloaded, you get 10 points as Welcome Bonus.

ID Verification

After a user completes his ID Verification, 10 points is provided to the user.


For every new user that is downloads eDheba SuperApp and verifies their ID, 10 points


Every time you make a payment, you earn points whether that is for your mobile top-up, electricity payment, or for other purposes.


Whenever you buy a product or service in any of the shops (either online or physical), you earn points depending upon your level and the shop.

Upgrade level

When you upgrade your level, you earn points. For example, when you upgrade from Muga to Neelam, you earn 250 welcome points.


refer to earn

Every user can use their referral code to invite their friends & family to start to use eDheba SuperApp.

* Users will only be able to see their REFERRAL CODE when they have a minimum of NPR 1,000 in their account.

* The person that is being referred has to download the app and then have the identity verified for the referral to earn points.


4 levels

Depending upon your usage of eDheba SuperApp and your spending with our partner merchants, we put you into four levels:


what can you do with your points?

You can basically do 2 things with your points:
Exchange for REWARDS
REDEEM it to pay for products & services.


Use your points for shopping

You can redeem your points to pay for your shopping, both online as well as in physical stores. When you pay for this product or service, you can pay either full or portion amount of the invoice thru your eDheba Points.



You can redeem your points for the various rewards like mobile phone topup, various goods like backpack bags, mobile phone, laptop, etc. These are campaigns that we will run from various times and details of these campaigns for rewards can be seen in the Reward sub-section of the Loyalty Bank Section of eDheba SuperApp.


Exchange your Points to

You can exchange your points for any of these products or services. There are many more.

partner merchants

are you a business?

If you are a business that is selling various products and/or services to your customers, we can ensure that you are able to:
* ACQUIRE more customers. We bring you all the customers that are in eDheba SuperApp
* ENGAGE with the customers so that they buy more from you.
* RETAIL the customers so that they come back again and again.

To start being part of the eDheba SuperApp Loyalty Program and increasing your business, Kindly fill up this form. We will soon get back to you.

Our services

Geo Fence

Push notification when next to shops that accept your points or that reward points

When you are out in the market, when you are within 100 meters of a shop that either accepts your points for shopping or rewards you points, you get a notification in eDheba SuperApp

MERCHANTS that are part of our network get more business as a result of this service and is able to attract more customers to their establishment.

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Get all the users shopping at your business!

Ensure that the users keep on coming back... again... and again! Give them loyalty points for spending at your business.
Let them use their loyalty points as part of payment in your business.

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