Create an Account

It is very easy to go to Google Playstore and download the app and install it. Fill up your personal details, get OTP in your mobile phone and start to use it.

Goto payments

You can go to SAVINGS & CREDIT section of eDheba SuperApp, and then go to payments subsection.

Select ElectriPay

You can click on ElectriPay to start your process of ordering the payment of your monthly electric bill.

upload your bill

You can either take a picture of your electric bill or upload a jpg or pdf. You just have to upload this once. We will pay your bill each and every month.

Why choose e-dheba plateform

Help agencies to define their new business objectives and then create 

professional software.

No Additional Fees

Account user can access online accounts as often as needed without incurring hidden fees. It's free to sign up for an online banking account, and the privilege will remain active as long as the account holder maintains an account with the bank.

Access From Anywhere

Online banking makes it easy to access your account information at anytime and from anywhere, making banking possible while away on business, at odd hours or while out of your bank's region. All you need to access an online account is Internet access and your username and password.

Organized Downloadable Reports

Most online banking services provide access to downloadable reports that can help you reconcile your financial statements. These reports include your deposits, transfers, ATM withdrawals and any bills you have paid using your online banking account. Online banking can help you keep your business records organized or serve as documentation for your bookkeeper or accountant. Some accounts also feature spend analyzers, so you can graphically see where your business's money is going.

Schedule Regular Payments

Online banking also offers the freedom to schedule payments ahead of time. Rent, salaries and other fixed payments, in any amount, can be set up through your online banking account. These payments are automatically deducted in the amount you decide on the date of your choice. Set up recurring or one-time payments to be mailed directly to the payee electronically or via postal service by your bank without using paper checks or postage.

Transfer Across Accounts

Managing both home and business accounts leaves many small-business owners struggling. Using online banking, you can instantly move money between accounts when necessary. With the ability to move money between accounts, even while out of town, you can quickly access funds needed to make purchases and payments to keep your business running smoothly.

Save Money

Though it seems minimal, the costs associated with mailing monthly payments to a vendor do add up over time. According to CBS News, the average consumer spends about $6 a month in stamps alone. Account user can reduce expenses for checks, postage stamps and envelopes by using online banking



There are many benefits of using our solution. Here with have listed a few of them.


Customers do not need to be carrying the exact cash, fear of being short-changed, no change available when they have only large notes, no need to go to ATM to withdraw cash, no fear of transmitting viruses thru notes. However if you want to accept cash our system is able to handle it as well providing a hybrid model.


Each and every sale is accounted for and a receipt is given. This stops the revenue being not reported to the owners or being pilfered.


Detailed reporting will be available on the sales, the routes used, the traffic on the time of the day, etc


We do daily settlements so that even if the card is topped-up elsewhere and you have rendered the service in your establishment, you get paid the same night. No need to wait for your payments. Similarly, if you have collected the top-up amount, this will be paid out from your account the same night. Detailed reporting will be available.

eDheba ElectriPay Video 


Upload your electric bill once

All you need to do is upload your electric bill once. It does not matter for which month it is. The purpose is to get the details of your electric meter. We will then pay it each and every month. You do NOT have to post your electric bill in future.

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