Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly check here for all of the questions that may have been asked and might be solving the issues that you are currently facing with your eDheba SuperApp

What is eDheba. Please explain a bit:

eDheba is a digital financial service that provides interest on all the money one has in its account and provides its services in six major pillars: Savings and credit services; remittance services; payment services; Services; Infotainment and Kin-Bech. eDheba offers under the Savings and Credit Services thru its sister concern Imperial Savings and Credit Cooperative Ltd and from its partner organization Citizen Bank International Ltd: savings accounts, get online credit facilities for buying products in EMI, and getting micro loans including insurance services in partnership with Himalayan General Insurance Ltd. Users will be able to send remittances currently from United States, Canada, all the countries in European Union, UK and South Korea thru its sister concern Lalit Money Transfer P Ltd. Having merged with iPay Pvt Ltd, we are now able to offer payment services for mobile, internet, telephone, television, electricity, school, airlines, water, bus services, etd. In the SuperApp services, eDheba provides taxi, two wheeler ride sharing, food order from restaurants, groceries and 50+ other services like plumber, carpenter, mason, electrician, home tutor, etc. Details about this app is also here in 35 seconds:

Which App do I download and Use?

If you want to be a SuperProvider and provide your services, you want to download the 'SuperProvider' app. If you want to be a customer and consume the services provided by eDheba, then you want to download the eDheba SuperApp.

Do I earn an Interest on my balance in my eDheba account?

If your account is in Imperial Savings & Credit Cooperative Ltd, then you will earn an interest of 7% (seven percent) calculated on your daily average balance and paid our every month on the last day of the Gregorian Calendar month. If your account is held in Citizen Bank International Ltd, then the interest you earn is 6.5% (six and half percent) on your minimum balance paid our every quarter.

How do I LOAD FUNDS into my eDheba Account?

There are multiple ways you can top up funds in e-dheba: 

1. Use eDheba SuperApp and use SAVINGS & CREDIT -> LOAD MONEY icon to use any of your bank accounts' online banking or mobile banking username and password to transfer funds from your bank account to eDheba account. 

2. Visit our office in Khichapokhari, New Road, Kathmandu to deposit your funds. 

3. Request a friend to transfer funds from his eDheba account and refund the funds to him. 

4. In future, we are going to have many "Cash Stations" that is going to be providing agent banking for both deposits and withdrawals from your e-dheba account. 

5. If future, we are going to be deploying kiosks where you can deposit funds into the kiosk. 

6. Another method is to have our collector visit you in a scheduled appointment for you to deposit the cash to him. You can schedule the appointment from the app itself. 

Refer To Earn

We have a Referral Program, where for each and every customer that downloads and uses eDheba SuperApp will get 10 points per referral. However to get the referral code, you need to have NPR 1,000 minimum balance in your account and the person that you are referring must have their ID Verification step complete.
Kindly do view this video: 

Identity Verification

We value the safety and security of our users, and as a result we have implemented cutting-edge technology for identity verification using using The Secured ID. In order to get your identity verified, you need to take a picture of your original ID Document and a selfie of your face. We do not accept photocopies, computer printouts or screen shots of your ID document. If your ID document has two sides, then you need to take the picture of both the sides and with all the four corners of the document being seen. Similarly selfie has to be your actual face and cannot be a picture or a screen shot. ID Documents can be your passport, citizenship or Driver's License. 

Here is a short video to showcase about the solution: KYC Verification in The Secured ID

More details about The Secured ID can be found in the website

How Do I Withdraw Funds from my eDheba Account?

There are multiple ways of withdrawing funds out of your account. 

We would like to recommend that you continue to save in your savings account, which at the moment attracts a 7% interest on your daily average balance, which is paid out every month on the first day of the English Calendar month. 

Here are the ways for you to withdraw funds from your account: 

TRANSFER: You can transfer funds out of your one account to another account. You can transfer to a third party, which is another person having an eDheba account. Or you can transfer to a contact, through a mobile no. The other person need not have an account with eDheba. 

• You can use your funds to pay for all of your UTILITY PAYMENTS thru the option of PAYMENTS

• You can transfer to any bank account thru SAVINGS AND CREDIT – CASH OUT

I have issues with my password

Can you please do FORGOT PASSWORD from the app with either your email ID or your mobile no to change your password.

KYC Verification Pending

When you get a message as shown in the screen that tells you "KYC Verification Pending" then you need to complete the ID verification process.

To solve this, you need to go to "Account" in the bottom footer of the home screen.

In "My Account" section, tap on "KYC". In this section you will now need to go thru the steps to upload the front and back of your government issued ID with your photograph and also to take a selfie picture.

This step will ensure that your KYC is verified.

If it is still now verified, kindly contact our helpdesk for further support.

When I go into KYC module, and try to verify my ID documents, I get the following screen. I am not able to take the picture of the front and back side of my ID Document.

The reason that you are getting a back screen is because e-dheba SupeApp does not have the permission to use your camera. Once you give the requirement permissions for the app to use the camera in your phone, you would be able to take the picture of the ID and upload it.