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Gift your Sister - Buy Now Pay Later

This year ensure that you gift a Vivo Phone to your sister in Bhai Tika and stay connected with her thryout the year and spread the love and care not only one day but thruout the year.

No need to pay for your phone right away... e-dheba SuperApp gives you a provision to be able to buy now and pay later.


Kindly see this video to get further information about our Buy Now Pay Later program and benefit from it. Order now from e-dheba SuperApp

Step By Step

How to Buy Products in EMI

It is very simple to buy the products in EMI from e-dheba SuperApp Here are the steps on how to do so

Step 1. Choose Your Item

Kindly browse thru the large selection of items that we have in e-dheba SuperApp to choose the product you want.

Step 2. Down Payment

Ensure that you have 30% of the total cost as down payment for the item when you order. This is not deducted immediately but will be kept in hold until your order is confirmed.

Step 3. Provide Guarantors
You will also need to provide 2 guarantors who are using e-dheba SuperApp to stay guarantee for the EMI loan that you have.
You do not have to remember to pay every month. You provide post-dated checks and this is automatically deducted from your bank account every month.

You would need to go to e-dheba SuperApp to be able to order the various products of your choice in monthly installment payments

0% Interest

You do not pay anything extra. No hidden fees. You only pay the retail price quoted by the manufacturer. There is no interest to pay. You buy now and pay later for the products.


After you pay your 30% down payment and receive your product, you need to pay 5 more monthly installments. But you do not remember to pay these in future.

You will provide us post-dated checks from your bank account each dated one month after the last payment.

We will receive your payment from these checks without even bothering you.

Down Payment

When you order the product from e-dheba SuperApp, it will check whether you have adequate amount in your account for the down payment of 30%. If not you are asked to deposit the amount in your account.

This amount is on hold in your account until you pick up the delivery of your product.


You need to have 2 of your family or friends to be guarantors of your loan.

The responsibility of the guarantors is to help us recover the loan that we have issued you for the EMI product.

In case we are unable to recover from you, then we will recover from the guarantors.

Monthly Installments

The first payment is your 30% down payment.

After this there will be five (5) monthly payments of equal amounts, or EMI (equal monthly installments).

You will provide post-dated checks for the 5 future dates as per your payment schedule so that you do not have to remember to repay. You just need to ensure that you have adequate funds in your bank account for us to withdraw this on a monthly basis.

No Bank Statement Required

You do not need to present your bank statement and show that you have adequate assets or bank balance to get the products in this Buy Now Pay Later program.

No Credit Card Required

You do not need to have a credit card from any bank or need to get a credit card from our app to be able to get these products in the Buy Now Pay Later program.

No Employment Letter Required

You do not need to show your income statement, employment letter or other sources of income.

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Buy Now Pay Later

Terms &

1. All products are provided at 0% interest.

2. Down payment amount = 30% of the price.

3. Total 6 payments = 5 more EMI payments of (price minus down payment) divided by 5 installments.

4. EMI payment is to be paid thru past-dated checks so that the user does not have to remember to repay.

5. If the check bounces, there is a penalty of 2% per month or parts thereof.

6. Personal guarantee of two (2) other e-dheba SuperApp users are required.