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24/7 service

Fixed price


We move people!

We help you to get from point A to B. Tension-free! Cashless!!

Safe Travels

Have no fear. We track every taxi booking!

Lost & Found

In case you forget something in the taxi, we can help to recover it. There is no guarantee though.


No more using the spit on your fingers to count notes. No spread of viruses thru bank notes. No more short-changed. No more spending time to get the change.


If you have any luggage while you are travelling we also help you with reasonable quantity of luggage.

wheelchair access

If you require wheelchair access we also try to accommodate that with certain size of taxis.


Book From App

No need to call anymore. Use eDheba SuperApp to book the taxi for a trip now or schedule it.

pickup from where you are

No need to walk to a taxi  stand to find that there are no taxis there.

fixed price

Even before you book the taxi, the price of the trip is shown for you to agree upon. No more arguments with the driver.


No fear of spreading viruses with banknotes. You will not be given less change because the driver does not have small denomination notes.

How to order?

download app to create your account

Very easy to go to Google Playstore and download the app, Register. Get OTP. ID Verification.

book taxi and provide destination information

Select your accurate destination to get the fare calculated and book the taxi.

Reach your destination in time

Since it is fixed price, you do not care if there are traffic jams, road blocks or diversion. You pay what was agreed upon in the first place.


No need to spend time paying the taxi and waiting for change. You just leave and the amount will be settled from your eDheba account.

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