What is eDheba. Pelase expalin a bit:

e-dheba is a digital financial service that provides interest on all the money one has in its account and provides its services in four major pillars: Savings and credit services; remittance services; payment services and SuperServices. e-dheba offer under the Savings and Credit Services thru its sister concern Imperial Savings and Credit Cooperative Ltd and from its partner organization Citizen Bank International Ltd", savings accounts, get online credit facilities for buying products in EMI, and getting micro loans including insurance services. Users will be able to send remittances currently from all the countries in European Union thru its sister concern Lalit Money Transfer P Ltd. Having merged with iPay Pvt Ltd, we are now able to offer payment services for mobile, internet, telephone, television, electricity, school, airlines, water, bus services, etd. In the SuperApp services, edheba provides taxi, two wheeler ride sharing, food order from restaurants, groceries and 50+ other services like plumber, carpenter, mason, electrician, home tutor, etc. Details about this app is also here in 35 seconds:

Which app do I download and use?

If you want to be a SuperProvider and provide your services, you want to download the 'SuperProvider' app. If you want to be a customer and consume the services provided by e-dheba, then you want to download the e-dheba app.

Do I earn an Interest on my balance in my e-dheba account?

If your account is in Imperial Savings & Credit Cooperative Ltd, then you will earn an interest of 7% (seven percent) calculated on your daily average balance and paid our every month on the last day of the Gregarian Calendar month. If your account is held in Citizen Bank International Ltd, then the interest you earn is 6.5% (six and half percent) on your minimum balance paid our every quarter.

इ-धेवाको खाता किन रोक्का हुन्छ

यदि इ-धेवा सुपरएपको Risk Management Team लाई कुनै अनैतिक, अवैध कार्य गरेको शंका भएमा, आफ्नो परिचय वा परिचयपत्र नमिले मा, इ-धेवाको कुनै कार्यक्रम वा योजनाको अनावश्यक फाइदा लिन प्रयास गरेमा, अरुको खाताको पासवर्ड पत्ता लगाउने प्रयास गरेमा, तपाईंको खाताको पासवर्ड एकै पटक एउटा भन्दा बढी लोकेसनबाट साइन इन गरेमा, कुनै ह्याकिंग, फिशिंग वा अन्य सुरक्षाको कुनै शंका भएमा, तपाईंको खाता रोक्का हुन सक्छ