How To Videos

Training on how to use e-dheba SuperApp

How to Open e-dheba Account

This video explains how to open e-dheba SuperApp

How to change password in eDheba SuperApp

This short video trains users on how to change the password in e-dheba SuperApp

Forgot Password in eDheba SuperApp

There are times when you forget your password and need to change it. Here is a short tutorial that shows how to change your password from the FORGOT PASSWORD feature of eDheba SuperApp

How To Sign Out in eDheba

If you want to sign out from the eDheba app to sign in with another user, here are the instructions on how to do this.

How To Oder Groceries in eDheba SuperApp

This short video will provide you information on how to Order Groceries from eDheba SuperApp

How to Load Money

This video teaches you HOW TO load money into eDheba SuperApp.

How To Transfer Funds in eDheba SuperApp

This short HOW TO video teaches you about the three different ways you can transfer funds to various eDheba Account:
* Transfer to your own different account
* Transfer to a third party of which you have the QR Code or you know the account details of
* Transfer to a contact that you only know the mobile number but not the account details

How to Apply for Loan

eDheba SuperApp has begun to develop a Loan Origination System where the customer can apply for the loan online, using OCR technology, we take all the data of the documents submitted into our database, using AI and ML have credit scoring for the user and have our technology make the decision itself and inform the user that he will receive the loan within minutes of application. Here is a video that teaches you how to apply for the loan.