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What is the PROBLEM we are trying to solve?

How is Oxygen generated?

What is an oxygen concentrator? Why are they in demand?

An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that concentrates oxygen from ambient air. Atmospheric air has about 78 per cent nitrogen and 21 per cent oxygen, with other gases making up the remaining 1 per cent.The oxygen concentrator takes in this air, filters it through a sieve, releases the nitrogen back into the air, and works on the remaining oxygen.

It’s only a little bigger than a computer monitor, yet as cases surge and with oxygen cylinders in short supply across several countries including India and Nepal, the concentrator is among the most sought after devices for oxygen therapy, especially among patients in home isolation and for hospitals running out of oxygen.

Source: The Indian Express

What is this service?

Due to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, these oxygen concentrators are part of a humanitarian community service with the mission of helping to save lives - one at a time. Since these concentrators are expensive, ranging from 85,000-200,000 NPR, through this initiative, we hope to help those in dire need and those who can't afford to buy one. You can now simply borrow these life-saving machines.

These concentrators are available for anyone who needs it and who can physically come and collect from our collection center at Sitapaila, Nepal. These are the only two criteria -simple! However, once the patient is done using it, please do safely return it to our collection center at Sitapaila so that it can be circulated to others who need it.

Who can borrow it?

These concentrators can be borrowed by anyone at free of cost (thanks to the generous supporters, refer bottom of the page for details). However, because wewant to ensure that these concentrators go to the needy patients, we have a few checks in place to ensure that it does not get misused by the greedy nor stored at home simply as backup. For this, we ask for the following documents:

1. Doctor's prescription for oxygen or other documents to prove that the oxygen supply is needed for the patient.

2. Copy of the citizenship certificate

3. A post-dated check of after 3 months to cover the costs of the oxygen concentrator NPR 175,000 which will be returned when the oxygen concentrator is returned in safe and in good condition.

When should you book it?

Only book these concentrators if the doctor has prescribed it and if your oxygen saturation level is lower than normal.

Many of our beneficiaries' patients are going to be discharged soon from intensive care of hospitals and fear that they might need oxygen at home when their oxygen saturation is lower than normal levels. Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can make these Oxygen Concentrators available.

We have limited oxygen concentrators available so we need to ensure that it is returned on time from existing borrowers and given to new borrowers.

Service Recipient

The following people borrowed Oxygen Concentrators

Age Breakdown

Age breakdown of the beneficiaries who have borrowed Oxygen Concentrators are as follows

Gender Distribution

The gender of the patients who have borrowed Oxygen Concentrator are as follows


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You can now download e-dheba SuperApp and book the oxygen concentrator from the app itself. Kindly go to Super Services -> Medical shop -> Oxygen Concentrator and borrow the oxygen concentrator from the app itself FREE OF COST.

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Application Form to Borrow Oxygen Concentrator

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Income & Expenses Statement

We had initially provided all the oxygen concentrators free to the beneficiaries, but very soon we saw the reluctance of some of the beneficiaries to return the concentrators back and were just holding unto the concentrators even when they were not using it, since it was free of costs.
To discourage such hoarding and holding up these oxygen concentrators which could benefit another patient in need, we have started to charge NPR 199 for 5l concentrators and NPR 299 for 10l concentrators. We will only use this small income for repair and maintenance of the concentrators and if possible to buy more concentrators.
We will detail all the income and expenses from this income here in this site for transparency and accountability's sake.

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