Batch of 1982

This group of students graduated from St Xavier's Jawlakhel in 1982

Class of 1982

72 students studied together for ten years at St. Xavier's

STX '82

Who Are We?

Established in the year 1951, St. Xavier’s School has always stood for international quality education in Nepal. One of the subjects that the school has always imparted is what is referred to by the alumni is “how to be good”, a subject that speaks for itself. How to be a good citizen, a human being.
All batches of students from the school have adhered to this simple but steadfast motto and the school has produced model citizens for Nepal. The batch of 1982 is no different. Comprising of approximately 80 students, the batch members graduated from school in 1982 and completed our school leaving examinations in the year 1982, thus referred to as the batch of 82.

Several decades ago, aghast at the tragic demise of one of the founding fathers, Fr. Eugene Watrin S. J., we decided to put together a loose fund to try and assist wherever we could during periodic natural disasters in Nepal. We have further gathered more funds and have sponsored a class room at St Xavier's Jawlakhel, which required retrofitting and rebuilding after the 2015 devastation wreaked by the earthquake.

Whilst discussing on how to assist our needy fellow denizens during the prevalent Covid-19 pandemic, we have tragically lost a fellow brother-in-arms; which caused a near-panic and record harvesting of funds from amongst us. In order to swiftly deploy the gathered resources, we have partnered with a non-profit school established and operated by a fellow class-member Allen Bailochan Tuladhar, called Ellaine Memorial School. Thus far, we have already purchased and mobilized 10 oxygen concentrators and hope to increase this.

Besides this, we have plans to also venture into ambulances, oxygen plants, free meals for the poor and needy, disaster relief measures, scholarships, etc. and require more funds than can be gathered just from ourselves.

It is now our intention to reach out amongst our network and gather more funds and make this available for the frequent disasters that our country faces from time to time.

We welcome all kind spirits to assist us at their convenience and interest and grow with our efforts and endeavors.

Where we studied

Some of the classmates studied in St Xavier's Godavari in the hostel till class 6 and then joined St Xavier's Jawlakhel in High School from Class 7 onwards.

Wherever they studied, they sang the same school anthem and still believe till date in "Live for God, Lead for Nepal" motto

Our Batch


Each and every person has turned out to be a 'gem of a person'

Live for God, Lead for Nepal

Allen Bailochan Tuladhar

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We do unto others as others would do unto you

Kush Mainali

Changing your mind and changing world

Pravin Rimal

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It takes a whole village to educate a child

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