what is a SuperaPP?

A SuperApp is different from other apps that serves an individual purpose. A SuperApp includes numerous features and services. The idea is to have one app to all the work. Why maintain all those individual passwords and sift through a library of apps (that have to be constantly updated) when you can have one app that does it all?

we offer 7% interest rate

We offer a whooping 7% interest rate on all the money you have in your account.

renew billbook, pay all bills

You can use e-dheba to renew your billbook, order medicines (Med2Home) and pay electricity bills, phone bills and various other bills.

food, groceries and more

Order food, groceries and much more from the e-dheba app. You will find a wide range of local vendors to choose from.

better with every app update

We are constantly improving and adapting to our customer's needs. Therefore make sure you are using the latest version of our app.



We provide various features and services that once you use, you will use forever!

Taxi Booking Services

Need to travel from point A to point B. Find out how much it costs before you call the taxi and have the taxi pick you up rather than you having to go find a taxi.

e-dheba Card Services

eDheba Cards can be used in public transportation, parking, various grocery stores, canteens, etc. It can also be a dual-purpose card as ID for your college/office as well as for payment purposes.


Upload your electric bill once. e-dheba will pay it each and every month... even if you do not have adequate funds in your account.


Kin-Bech is an online Customer to Customer (C2C) Platform to buy or sell your pre-owned products and convert it to cash. Save big, just shift to Kin-Bech.
Where one person’s extra supply is another person’s demand!!
Users can post pictures and price of their belongings which they want to sell to another user who needs it. You can quote prices, discuss arrangements and even pay through e-dheba app.
With super easy interface, and reach to thousands of users, the market place now in your fingertips.

Loyalty Bank

Earn Points for Everything you do. It's finger snapping easy.
e-dheba SuperApp has loyalty bank built into the system whereby you can now earn points for literally everything you do. For installing the app you earn points. For getting your identity verified you earn points. For referring a friend or family you earn points. For every spending whether in e-dheba or in various partnering shops online or offline, you earn points.

Vehicle Registration Renewal

e-dheba will pick up the vehicle registration bluebook from your home/office, pay the road tax, renew your insurance and deliver it back to you.
All for only NPR 350 for 2 wheeler and NPR 500 for 4 wheeler

CSR Activities

As an organization we try to help the community as much as possible. During the lockdown II due to COVID-19 pandemic, this was one of the CSR activities this organization was involved in

Oxygen concentrator borrowing service for free of charge

We are providing Oxygen Concetrators to people that need to have oxygen either due to being a patient of COVID-19 or due to other diseases.


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How To Videos

There are times when you need to get quick information and knowledge about how to get a task done.
We have created series of HOW TO Videos for this purpose



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